Marlin Agriculture

Location: Gunapin Ridge Road, Shire of York WA
Agriculture is playing an increasing part of Marlin Group’s operations. As an owner of substantial, strategically located rural land, Marlin Group is actively exploring options to increase its participation in this sector, particularly in relation to beef cattle production.

Gunapin Ridge, Marlin Group’s flagship farming operation, is a 7,500 acre farming property located 65km from the Perth CBD close to Midland and key transport routes. The property is primarily set up for farming over 1,000 head of cattle, 8,000 to 10,000 sheep as well as cropping operations.

The property boasts no shortage of water with over 27 dams and a soak. Clean potable bore water at shallow depths has been discovered on the property, which is located outside of the prescribed area for the current water licensing regime. Hydrological testing suggests that this is significantly scalable and could feed a significant irrigation scheme in addition to existing cattle or sheep farming operations.

Marlin Group is exploring a range of value adding options in relation to this property.