Marlin Bullsbrook Rural Residential

Location: Adjoining Clarkson Road, Bullsbrook WA

Marlin Property, through its subsidiary Marlin Bullsbrook, have been working with local landowners towards the development of a 625ha parcel of land situated at the top of the northern extent of the Darling Scarp in Bullsbrook, WA.

This development comprises 219 rural residential lots of approximately 2 hectares. The land is tiered in a way that maximises the outlook of most lots, with the majority having a view over the broader Perth Basin from the CBD to the coast.

The land is appropriately zoned and Marlin Property has achieved the approval and endorsement of a local structure plan.

The land has been farmed for many years, is largely cleared and is free from environmental impediments. This means that the land has the capacity to be productive in a hobby type rural use, with some coverage providing privacy and a picturesque setting.

This land is physically separated from the proposed Bullsbrook Residential development by the escarpment, which will enhance its ‘rural character, however full residential amenity will be no more than 2 minutes away by virtue of the proposed urbanisation at the bottom of the escarpment.

Marlin Property is working with landowners to determine the next steps with this development.